Gold and black sand is easy to process. Its easy to chemically extract gold from black sands and ore with the right mining tools. You will find that info here!

Angus Mac Kirk


Manufacturers quality  mining equipment.  Angus has helped me solve a number of mining problems and designed the leach plant on my site for me along with a  magnetic black sand separator. You can find him at:

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The following links noted below will help you find equipment, chemicals, processes and many other valuable pieces of information that will help you become a better Weekend Prospector, Miner,  and can provide you with mining tools that you will need to process gold from black sand, gold bearing ore and other materials.  Pay my friends a visit and tell them that I sent you.   

Hunter Refractory's


These folks sell cupels, roasting dishes, crucibles for smelting and can even help you get a tool made if you need one.  I find them to be very responsive to requests and shipping is done on time and arrives unbroken. You will find them at:

A & B Prospecting Mesa AZ.


I have known Wally and his son Bryan for a number of years.  They have a full line of metal detecting and mining equipment for almost every mining need. You will find them at:

Goldmine World

I was sorry to hear about Mike V. passing this past April.  He was a great teacher and knew his mining.  His partner June is still running the business and has a good deal of Mike’s equipment and knowledge base on paper and DVD.   Here is the website:



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With an economy in free fall you will find that more and more people are out gold hunting, gold panning,  gathering black sand and ore that can be  turned into money with knowledge!


Your best tool is the human brain and what you put into it!

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